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2012 Yamaha SX240.







What does that mean?

The longer I keep this boat the less I want to sell it!

My original plan when I put it up for sale was to offer it at a fantastic price so it would give the buyer a GREAT deal, and then I intended to buy an almost new boat, or maybe even a brand new one.

If youre not a serious buyer with cash in hand or a very strong trade, or trade plus cash, that will make me want to sell, save us both the time well waste talking about an offer that wont work anyway.

This is a FANTASTIC deal on a FANTASTIC boat!

It is the LOWEST PRICED AND LOWEST HOUR 2012 SX240 HO on the market!

ONLY 110 HOURS! (Approx....I am enjoying the boat so it will go up slightly.)

RUNS LIKE NEW! Recent service...fresh oil change, fresh plugs, both High Output jet engines run like a new boat!

It also has Thrust Vectors installed! This is a MUST HAVE for any jet boat! It adds remarkable added control to slow-speed maneuvering and youll really appreciate having that when it comes time to dock, or load and unload your boat from its trailer.
These are not inexpensive so youll be happy that the money is already invested in the boat! In fact, you shouldnt even consider buying a jet boat without them! (And if you do, youll need to spend the extra money and get them installed before you hit the water! In this case though, you already have them and youre ready to launch!)

Newer batteries, brand new NOCO onboard charger, picnic cooler under the stern seats, changing room with space for portable head, all kinds of amenities! Its a big bowrider.....24 feet of super comfortable riding but huge horsepower for a super fast run if thats what you want! Total 360 horsepower! This boat will smoke those other non-jet, I/O type or outboard motor bowriders out of the water! (Think about it.....they usually have around 150HP....this boat has way more than DOUBLE! And with jet drives its like a Tesla on the water!)


Bimini Top with boot cover for those days when you want to get out of the sun!

A full size $900+ Yamaha OEM mooring cover (NOT one of those el-cheapo crappy aftermarket covers out there) is included. It even has the flaps for a sports arch so should you ever decide to install one you wont have to buy a different cover.

Humminbird color GPS/Chartfinder/Fishfinder installed! This boat has its own built-in depthfinder but I love the extra Humminbird unit for all its added capabilities. Its included FREE with the boat!

2012 Custom Shorelander Trailer in excellent condition! Built specifically for this boat so a perfect fit and incredibly easy to tow! (Dont underestimate the value! I see boats like mine for sale with no trailer included, for way more money that I am asking, and the trailer is worth around $7,000 by itself!)

Plenty of dock lines and fenders and life jackets....you wont have to buy one extra thing! Ready to hit the water and go!


If you have a trade to offer.....consider MY boat is priced at wholesale....so your trade has to be priced accordingly. You cant get retail for your trade against my wholesale boat. If you have a trade for me to consider, I have to see PICTURES and hear DETAILS about it and a SPECIFIC PROPOSAL to know if I am interested. If you dont give me details and pictures and your specific proposal there is no way I will know if I am interested.

OK.....Ill leave this ad up for a few days and see if anyone is interested, and if no one is, Ill take it down. If I keep it, I will, at the end of the season, get some of the cushions that show wear and tear re-done, and polish the hull which is showing oxidation. The hull on this boat is black, the absolute worst color (worse than red even!) for fading, so to get it shiny as new it needs a pro-polish, and if I keep it thats what Ill do. (Or I might have it wrapped....I saw one done with 2022 graphics and it made it look like a brand new 2022 model year boat!


2012 Yamaha SX240 Jet Boat For Sale in North Carolina ( Wilmington )

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